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My goal for every session is to provide a comfortable, fun experience. One in which you and your family can feel natural and unstressed, so you can relax and have fun!  


I do my best to customize your session to your personal needs. We will discuss wardrobe and attire before hand, so any outfits you have in mind we can go through and plan the best options for the type of session you desire.  


Your session fee includes an ititial consultation via phone, email or even in person, your photography session, and an in-person viewing & ordering session. 


Once I have received your session retainer, we will start planning all the details of your personalized session.  I will call you to go over everything, choose a location, and discuss your ideas and inspiration. For all outdoor sessions I will be keeping my eye on the weather forecast and contact you should anything need to be adjusted accordingly (generally a day or two before your scheduled session). 


A week or two after your session I will contact you to schedule an in-home viewing appointment where you will view and have the opportunity to order portrait prints and specialty items.  This appointment generally takes an hour or two.  Please take some time before your in-home viewing to measure walls that you would like to add your new portraits to, or take note of any ideas you may have to creatively arrange your new portraits in your home.  Also, if you are planning on ordering gift prints (8x10 or smaller) for family, please have a list prepared beforehand. 


From session to delivery, I intend to spend between 15-20 hours working with you and your project to make sure that each portrait you choose is to your liking.  Please keep this in mind when booking your sessions, and allow breathing room from session to the time of portrait delivery. Allow roughly two weeks for standard portrait orders and 3-4 weeks for custom or specialty items.  





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